Safe Connections: A Parent's Guide to Protecting Young Teens from Sexual Exploitation

Safe Connections describes the physical and social changes taking place during early adolescence (10 and 15) and how these changes present new challenges for parents and other adults who want to keep kids sexually safe. This easy-to-read guide provides help in continuing discussions about personal safety, and it alerts parents to risks of online predators, sexting, and sexual exploitation, especially in what appear to be romances. After explaining why young teens are particularly vulnerable to sexual exploitation, this book describes warning signs and grooming behaviors of potential offenders and offers practical advice for safeguarding teens from sexual abuse as they start connecting romantically with others, both in person and online. Includes parenting tips on helping teens avoid sexually harmful behaviors with others, including dating partners and younger children.

Available from Chicago Review Press and Dr. Wurtele

Off Limits: A Parent's Guide to Keeping Kids Safe from Sexual Abuse

Off Limits! A Parent's Guide to Keeping Kids Safe from Sexual Abuse is written primarily for parents and other caretakers, and secondarily for professionals who work with youth. It opens and closes with the stories of four children who were sexually abused by people they knew and trusted. By delving into their experiences and by hearing the voices of other victims and perpetrators, Off Limits! shatters many of the myths about sexual abusers, describes what puts certain children at risk for abuse, and explains how children are groomed for sexual exploitation, both in person and on line. The book offers readers practical action steps for protecting children and teenagers, describes how to teach children body-safety skills, and recommends ways to keep youth off limits to sexual abusers. 

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Out of Harm's Way: A Parent's Guide to Protecting Young Children from Sexual Abuse

Brief guide book for parents of young children. Describes what parents need to know about sexual abusers and the grooming process, and how parents can take action to keep children safe from sexual abusers. Includes many practical examples and hands-on techniques for talking with children about body safety. Emphasizes parental responsibility as first line of defense against childhood sexual abuse.

Available from Chicago Review Press and Dr. Wurtele

Body Safety Training© Series

The Body Safety Training (BST)© program was created by Dr. Wurtele in 1986, and revised in 2007. The effectiveness of the BST in teaching children body-safety rules and skills has been demonstrated in numerous studies in the U.S., China, Turkey, and Iran. The program has been translated into Spanish, and there are versions for parents and teachers to use. The parent version is developmentally appropriate to teach children between three and eight; the teacher version can be taught in PreK to third-grade classrooms. Both versions contain ten lessons; the first half of the workbook covers general safety (fire, gun, pedestrian, poison, home alone) and the second half covers body safety (teaching children the body-safety skills of recognizing, resisting, and reporting inappropriate touching). All versions are available from Dr. Wurtele (

Body Safety Training Workbook for Parents

Available from Dr. Wurtele $20.00

e-book available from Dr. Wurtele $7.00

Body Safety Training Workbook for Parents Spanish Edition

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Body Safety Training Curriculum for Teachers

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